X*Treme Freeze™ Smoothies

Smooth New Chill

Strawberry * Wild Berry * Mango * Raspberry * Banana * Peach
Coconut * Pineapple * Guava * Watermelon * Orange Creme
Caffé * Caffé Mocha * Lemon

X*Treme Freeze is a premium concentrate made from real fruit purees for use in blended gourmet frozen beverages. Simply pour over ice, blend and serve!

X*Treme Freeze purees are formulated to save you precious time and money with your specialty smoothie beverage preparations. X*Treme Freeze is an affordable and simple one- to three-step premium smoothie preparation in your commercial blender. Gardner's Gourmet enables you to easily serve blended specialty fruit beverages with rewarding, high-profit margins with a consistent Fruit Smoothie Every Time.

  • Designed specifically for use in commercial blender applications.
  • Four quick pre-measured pumps of X*Treme Freeze.
  • A simple scoop of Gardner's recommended specialty non-dairy smoothie powder or other personal palette pleasers such as ice cream, frozen yogurt or soy.
  • Ice.
  • Blend to desired creaminess. Serve and enjoy the ultimate, "xtremely" smooth new chill from Gardner's Gourmet... X*Treme Freeze.

X*Treme Freeze is packaged in half-gallon plastic bottles, six per case, and is designed not to require refrigeration.

X*Treme Freeze is delivered to your door via UPS - anywhere in the continental United States, or through a distributor servicing your area. There are no additional shipping costs. To receive samples, place orders, or locate the nearest distributor, contact Gardner's Gourmet.