Caffé Ghiaccio®
Caffe Ghiaccio Caffé Mocha Ghiaccio®

Premium Quality Granita
Caffé Ghiaccio® is a premium quality granita concentrate made from the finest ingredients available to insure a stable and consistent gourmet quality finished product. The real coffee flavor is from pure Columbian "supremo" bean coffee (no artificial coffee flavoring agents or powders). It is the true taste of coffee with the same zip and appeal you would expect from a freshly pulled Caffé Latté.

Caffé Mocha Ghiaccio® is a gourmet blend of specialty chocolate and premium Supremo coffee.

  • Bunn Ultra Granita Machine Special
  • Vita-Mix Blender Special

    Technically Correct

    In addition to the fine taste, our recipes for Caffé and Caffé Mocha Ghiaccio® meet or exceed the requirements of granita equipment manufacturers. Our quality assurance program insures that the ingredient content produces the same finished product each and every time. No more situations where your product freezes solid (or won't freeze down) causing excessive wear and tear and costly damage to your equipment. With Caffé and Caffé Mocha Ghiaccio® you are always ready for business.

    Pennies per Ounce

    Caffé and Caffé Mocha Ghiaccio® are packaged in 6 one-half-gallon plastic bottles per case, totaling 3 gallons of granita concentrate. It is a 5 to 1 concentrate (5 parts milk (2% fat), 1 part concentrate), yielding 18 gallons of finished product per case—2,304 ounces. During the freezing process some expansion occurs. 2,304 ounces will pour as 2,650 ounces when frozen, assuming 15% expansion.

    Blender or Granita Machine

    No granita machine—no problem. Caffé and Caffé Mocha Ghiaccio® work well with both applications.

    Shelf Stable

    Caffé and Caffé Mocha Ghiaccio® are designed not to require refrigeration.

    Shipping Included!

    Caffé and Caffé Mocha Ghiaccio® are delivered to your door via UPS, anywhere in the continental United States, or through a distributor servicing your area. There are no additional shipping costs. To receive samples, place orders, or locate the nearest distributor, contact Gardner's Gourmet.